Introduction - The Walking Tales Continue

My original walking odyssey is now concluded, and the three months of exercise which turned into a three year journey to cover 1,000 miles on foot has now concluded, with the target achieved and exceeded, and 40 years passed with no trauma to speak of. The walking career that I have taken on is to continue, but my blogging is to take on a different shape and style from that found on my original blog 1,000 Miles before I'm 40, as that tale is self contained and I feel a need for fewer words and more pictures as the miles continue to roll by.

So join me as I resume blazing my trails across Northern England and beyond, absorbing my surroundings and enjoying the solitude that comes with being Alone Beneath the Sky, taking on my next target of 5,000 miles travelled on foot before my 50th Birthday, which is not such a daunting task when you already have 1400+ miles on the clock.

If you enjoy my tales and pictures, please consider donating to my charity drive as well, as walking is done for the benefit of my mental health as much as my physical health, so would you like to contribute to my attempt to raise £5,000 for Mind, the Mental Health Charity? I feel that it would be the right thing to do, and would benefit many people down the line.

My Just Giving Link can be found here >insert link here<, Thank You.

Happy Browsing, and Thank You for your interest.

Chris W

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